How much do YOU know about family medicine?

  1. Who was the first chair of Penn State’s Department of Family and Community Medicine?
                                        A: Dr. Thomas Leaman
  2. What year did the American Academy of General Practice change its name to the American Academy of Family Physicians?
                                        A: 1971

  3. What city is home to the American Academy of Family Physicians’ headquarters?
                                        A: Kansas City, MO

  4. On average, how many patients does a full-time practicing family physician see per day?
                                        A: 24

  5. What did Family Medicine become a certified specialty?
                                        A: 1969

  6. Who is the current US Surgeon General?  What is his or her specialty?
                                        A: Regina Benjamin, Family Physician

  7. What is the average salary of a family physician currently working the US?
                                        A: $199,000

  8. How many family medicine residency programs are located in Pennsylvania?
                                        A: 30

  9. True or False: There are more male family medicine residents than female family residents in the US at this time.
                                        A: False!

  10. What did the magazine General Practitioner recommend all family physicians learn to do in the 1950’s to protect their patients from an atomic bomb strike?
                                        A: It recommend they learn to drive bulldozers.  Yes, 

                                                      the construction vehicle


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