Family Medicine Interest Group

The mission of Penn State FMIG is to provide students with: the foundation to become compassionate and competent physicians, information to explore the diversity within family medicine, opportunities to enhance community wellness, and insight into the broad scope of a career in family medicine.  We value our long-standing relationships with the Department of Family and Community Medicine, the Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians, and the American Academy of Family Physicians to connect students with the vast resources available through those groups.


This year's goal: To expose students to the diverse roles of primary car physicians working with and advocating for local under-represented populations.

Meet the team!


Kyla Halsor


Truc Tran

Secretary and Media Chair

Keane McCullum

Lunch Lecture Coordinator

Celeste Bailey

Hospitality Chair 

Darren Morris

Networking Coordinator

Connor Carmichael

Chair for Clinical Exposure

Nathan Wong

Chair for Dash for Diabetes

Christine Kreider

Clinical Skills Night Coordinator, Population Health Chair

Cameron Incognito

Primary Care Day Committee Chair

Rodger Rothenberger

Membership Coordinator

Nicole Hammond

First Year Representatives



Dr. Dennis Gingrich

Dr. Tamara Oser

Dr. Matthew Silvis


Check our our most recent award!

The American Academy of Family Physicians presented Penn State College of Medicine's FMIG with the prestigious Program of Excellence (POE) award in recognition of our work during the 2013-2014 school year.  Each year, ten schools throughout the nation receive the award for overall program development and six schools receive specific awards in select categories.  This year was particularly competitive, as the AAFP received a record number of applicants.  Penn State has received the award numerous times in the past and we hope to keep up the tradition of providing exciting, engaging opportunities for all of our members.  


Congratulations to the former Co-presidents, Scott Paradise and Annie Williams, along with all of the other FMIG members who work to make Penn State's FMIG one of Excellence!

Photos from the AAFP National Conference

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